katyperryd: so now wheres my candy?

Incase if you’re having a bad day :* 

b4g4ceir4: Seguindo amoor , Se vooc quiser pode seguir oo meu tambéem ?' , Obg ((:

lol honestly, i’m Malaysian, and the only 2 languages i spoke are:

Malay and English :) but thanks for stopping by! :3

lifeasamodelvs-deactivated20130: do you know where to buy one direction's things such as shirt ?

i’ve heard there’s this blog, http://onedirectionmalaysianstore.blogspot.com/ for Malaysian. I hope that helps. :D 

procrrastinating: what can you say about my blog?

pretty nice :D

procrrastinating: check out my blog? :c

of course :)

painlessrain: Oh hi, I love your blog (: That is all

awwww, thank you. :DDD

Anonymous: I LOVE YOUR SIDEBAR GIF. Hahah I always have, i just felt like saying it now.(:

THANK YOU. It’s not mine, credits to the owner. I love Georgie <3 :DD

Anonymous: Hey, I really love your Tumblr.

hey there. thank you :)

m3g4n-n0t-m3gh4n: i love your blog so much ! check out mine ? :)

thankssssss a lot! :) and sure!

Anonymous: A, B, C, D, E.

Anonymous: i am superman.

Well hello there tough guy! ;) 

shittyteenyears-deactivated2013: Draco Malfoy, Quinn Fabray, Blair Waldorf, Doctor Who and Violet Harmons.

1. Blair Waldorf

2. Draco Malfoy

3. Quinn Fabray

4. Violet Harmons

5. Doctor Who


m3g4n-n0t-m3gh4n: i love your blog so much ! check out mine ? :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH and of course (:

klainealish: Hey there! :D